Monday, December 31, 2007

The Last Time I Write Here-For this year!

      Happy New Year!!!

   To One and All who visit here, my wish is for a Healthy, Prosperous year full of loved ones, smiles, joy and peace. 

    I've got a little time here and had to stop by and give everyone my New Year's wishes.   I can't figure out how to make the italics go away so I've got some fancy writing for you, too. 

    I'm partying at home tonight with Bro, Potsey, Duece, and a few of their friends.  I don't have to work till 10am tomorrow, so......   I've got some Michelob Light (bottles) Spearmint Schnapps, and for my midnight toast...Egg Nog with Southern Comfort!  I'll be calling my Son and wishing him a Happy New Year at or shortly after midnight.  He's been working on a gallery project in Akron, OH, but the director wanted to take a long weekend so Son's got time to celebrate with friends, in Newton Falls.     

    That's really about it for now.  My hour is up and I'll be at the mercy of time and hope no-one comes in to boot me off.   I'm so glad that the libraries will be going back to regular schedules after New Year's.  My schedule will be lightening up so that I can get caught up with everyone's journals, so I'll be visiting soon.  

    Celebrate, make those resolutions, don't drink and drive, and don't do anything I wouldn't do.  

                            ~  Thanks for Stopping By ~ 

Friday, December 28, 2007

Hmmm..... can't think of one. :-)

    Hi,  I've gotten some time for a break and hope to get this entry done before someone else gets the computer(one hour when someone is waiting).  First, I just want to say-Whew!  What a busy week that was.  Now things will be calming down some.  My schedule is lighter and hopefully will stay that way for a few weeks, so that I can catch my breath and catch up on some of the things I've been neglecting lately.  Like laundry, cleaning my room and filing my paperwork(at home).  There is still way too much good stuff to eat in the fridge, and I hate to say it, but I'll have to "diet" after New Years.  I haven't been eating very healthy for the past couple of weeks and it is starting to show-tighter clothing, that puffed out feeling-but when you're gone from 6am till 7:30pm it's hard to eat sensibly, too much junkfood out there calling my name.  So now I'll have to be a good girl(after New Year's, of course) and stick to salads-which I do love-turkey sandwiches, fruit and other portable lunches.   

    I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and got everything they wanted.  I enjoyed myself and relaxed when I could.  The weather has been reasonably calm, although I guess we're due for some snow this afternoon and evening, 4 to 8 inches.   Early enough to have the roads cleared by tomorrow morning(6am), somewhat.  I have an early shift 15 miles from home and hate the drive when the roads haven't been plowed.  Then I have to go shopping for the New Year's Feast, party snacks, etc.  I also have a 4-7pm shift, then my day will be done.   We're partying at home, no driving or crowds to deal with and I prefer it that way.   I don't have to work till 10am the next morning, so......  ;-)

    Short and sweet, I just found out the library will be open Monday, so I'm going to try and do an entry then.  I'm off to try and catch up some journal reading now.

                                     ~Thanks for Stopping By~

Friday, December 21, 2007

Holiday Wishes

Merry Christmas!

Have a Blessed Yule!

   These are my holiday wishes for all my friends here.  My schedule is crazy and the libraries will be closed for the holiday, so I probably won't get back here till Wed. the 26th.  ::sigh::  At times like this, I get so frustrated.  All the extra work I've been doing was supposed to be helping me get a computer.  But that's not working out so well.  My schedule is getting so full that I won't have much time to get to the library and use the computers here, either.  My visits may be few and far between for awhile.  So.....   I hope everyone has a Wonderful Holiday.  I'll be working-or sleeping.  I guess that's just what I'm supposed to be doing for now.  Things kind of have a way of working out the way they're supposed to.   

                            ~Thanks for Stopping By~


Friday, December 14, 2007

Thankful on a Friday

   I've been pretty busy lately and have barely managed to get here to read and comment, so this is the first time I've had a chance to write an entry.  It may be kinda short, as I'm between clients. 

   My thankfuls for this week are:

1. My work, and the paychecks that come in as a result.  It's all spent, but I'm still keeping my head above the waterline.

2. My mechanic-Yes again.  This time it was my muffler.  I had to change my appointment time due to my schedule change, but he still manages to fit me in.  Thanks, James.

3. That the weather hasn't been too drastic around here lately.  With all the driving I do, I get nervous on the bad roads.  We  may get some unexpected snow tomorrow, at least it was unexpected as of this morning.  I don't suppose it would still be "un"expected now though would it?  Anyway........

4. Coffee.  Of course.  My schedule(the new changed one) has some early(6:30am) shifts and I'll Need it.  Lots of it!

5. I finally got my baking well under way.  It's been one thing after another keeping me from getting much done, the latest is the missing bag of cookiecutters.  No one has a clue where they went, so I'm off to go shopping tonight, so that I can bake the cutout cookies this weekend, so Son's goody box can go in the mail on Monday.

6. The connection I feel when I come here, read entries and  my e-mails!  That  means a great deal to  me.

   Kind of a short list, but those are the basics for this week.  As I said, the cookie cutters have gone missing, so I'm going to go shopping after work tonight and try to find some.  This late in the season, who knows what I'll find!  The Sweet and Salty Chex Mix I was working on turned out really good.  I already have to make another batch.  I've had alot of fun with the cookie press, too.  You can whip out a couple dozen cookies in no time.

   Things aren't really all that great at the house.  I found out that the bill paying has been lax, and to my total shock, we're over $600 behind in rent.  They haven't been paying it except for the checks that I send or give to Bro for the landlord(except for $240) since Oct.  And he(Bro) has managed to get a month behind on the utilities now, too.  I have to wait till the lease expires in Aug., to go find a place by myself.  I hate letting them down, as it is so hard to afford living on your own, but this is about the last straw.  Oh and this year, we're buying gifts-which we haven't done in 2 years, and they've spent over $40 on Xmas day dinner(steak and shrimp).  Grrrr....  They don't dare ask me for extra money toward bills-I'll explode.  When asked what I wanted for a gift, I said just money, as the money I have to spend on you, I was going to send to Son, who is struggling right now.  They actually got alittle bent out of shape. ~Insert foul language here~  So the opportunity to spend 12 to 15 hours away from home, a day, right now is welcomed.   And I'm going to need to build up a cash-stash for emergencies(like the lights or heat getting shut off.)  At this rate I'll never get a computer.  They don't even ask at the library anymore, they know why I'm there.  Now I need to change the Mood slot at the top to frustrated.  ::sigh::  ::deep breath::

   It's time for me to sign off and get ready for my next client.  That's only 2 hours and then I'm off to go shopping.  One last time before the holiday.  I hope to be back soon.   ~ Thanks for stopping by~      

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Quick stop to say hi!

   It seems like forever since I 've been here.  In actuality it's only been a couple days.  I have been so busy working that this is the first break in my schedule since I was able to be online at a midnight shift I filled in on Monday night.  I've worked so much this week that the office had to cover one of my regularly scheduled shifts due to (too much) overtime.  The boss gets alittle upset when my overtime dips into the overhead.  :::happy sigh:::  I found out today that my whole schedule is being changed, as there is a new client that needs aides with more training, and I'm one of the only ones that can be sent.  So now I have no idea when I'll be working, but it will still be a full schedule with probably a couple hours overtime from fill-in shifts, when the roads are bad or an aide becomes ill. 

   We're due to get another snowstorm on Sunday, not sure how much yet, but the meteorologists are keeping a close eye on it(that means trouble).  It's been cold and partly sunny the last couple of days, and the lake is starting to form ice near the shoreline.  I stopped by the State Park the other day, the whole view changes when there's ice and snow on the lake, but for now still open.   I may have to get energetic and go ice skating this winter.  I haven't done that for "Years".  More and more houses are getting their Christmas lights out and the drive home at night is beautiful.  Winter is setting in quite well. 

   I haven't had much of a chance to get my baking done, but I plan on tonight being a whirlwind session in the kitchen.  The sweet and salty Chex Mix turned out pretty good, but it doesn't quite taste like I imagined.  I may tweak the recipe(the way I made up to do it) and try again.  One of my clients has a recipe for Cinnamon Pinwheels that I'm going to try.  It's just a basic dough rolled out sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and the rolled up and chilled, sliced and baked.  It sounds like it'd be a good cookie for mailing. 

   Oh, I almost forgot- it's time for my Thankful Thursday list.  :)

1. My job.  I really do enjoy it.

2. Coffee.  It's definitely needed right now.  And that Peppermint/Mocha creamer is Yummy.

3. My Son.  I sent him some cash and vitamins to help out, and he called to tell me how much it meant that I would take the time to do that and how much he appreciated it.  I reminded him that I'm his Mother and that I love him and will do what I can for him. But it really made me feel good.

4. Computer time.  I can't believe how much I miss it.  I miss being here and reading about what is going on in everyone's lives.  More motivation to work on getting my own-Soon!

5. My health.  Working with my clients reminds me on a daily basis, how fortunate I am to still be healthy. 

   I'm running short on time and I've got to catch up on reading journals now, so I'm closing this entry.                                                                            ~Thanks for Stopping by~ 

Monday, December 3, 2007

Snow. Snow, and more Snow!

   Holy Cow, enough already.  We got the 8" of snow from the storm system, some freezing rain, and then last night the wind and lake effect snow started.  I woke up to another 2" of snow this morning, and it's still snowing.  We've gotten another 3" since 8:00am this morning.  Two of my clients live on private roads, and have plow services-both of which have busted trucks-so they're snowed in.  The one only lives 2 blocks back from the main road and so I parked at the gas station and walked to her house yesterday and this morning.  The other one lives 1/2 mile back in and so they're cancelled for today.  Since I have all this free time, I'm at the library and will be hunting up some new cookie recipes when I'm done in journals.  My Son reminded me that he has 2 roommates, a broad hint to send "lots of goodies".  I'll have to hunt for a couple boxes to ship all these goodies in.  Gaz asked what Chex Mix is- so here's the basics.  Chex Cereals, (corn, rice and wheat), then you add Cheerios cereal, pretzels, nuts and whatever other snacks you like.  Then you make a sauce with butter, worchestershire sauce, season salt, garlic salt, and melt in a saucepan.  Pour it over the cereal mixture, bake it at a low temp. for an hour and then dig in.  All very adaptable.  And very yummy. 

   I am so disgusted with the Detroit Lions.  I could play better football than they did yesterday.  There was a 103 yard kickoff return touchdown for the Minnesota Vikings in the second quarter.  Come on.  I don't think anyone even touched him as he ran from one endzone to the other.  :::heavy sigh:::  So I'm gonna skip watching and just do other things.  They've pretty much blown their chance to make the playoffs.   Maybe next year.  ::heavier sigh::  

   I'm going to go visiting other journals, and then check out some recipes, and go home to shovel(yep, still snowing) and bake.  You all have a great day and...

                        ~Thanks for stopping by~

Saturday, December 1, 2007

The weekend and the Weather.

    Well, the weekend is here.  It's usually quieter schedule-wise, and this weekend is no exception.  I've got my baking supplies, and will start the Chex Mix tomorrow.  I'm experimenting this year.  I found a cereal at Walmart that looks like Chex, but has a sweet cinnamon coating, so I thought I'd use that, some Cheerios, pretzel circles, maybe  peanuts, and create a sweet syrup, and use Sea Salt.  Kind of like the Sweet and Salty you can find at the stores.  It should be interesting.  Then I'm going to get out my cookie press and do up some of the little wreaths, trees, stars and whatever other shapes come in it.  I found a mitten cookie cutter at the craft store yesterday, so that'll be fun.  Son will get a kick out of it, especially if I mark my location on it. 

   I am so glad that I don't have alot of shopping to do.  I'm afraid I'd have to do it online or catalogue.  The stores were so crowded yesterday and the parking lot was a mess.  Everyone vying for the best spot, the slush from them not plowing very well, and everyone in such a (close your eyes if your sensitive) Damn hurry.  Ya know what?  If you zip past me, cut in front of me, it only means that you'll have to wait at the light that much longer and we'll still get away from it at the same time.  Jerkface.  :::sigh:::   Now that I've got that off my chest......   The drive home from the stores was gorgeous, though.  The sun was trying to make an occasional appearance, and the snow was still hanging onto the pinetrees, sparkling when the sun did appear.  I saw a couple of birds playing tag and landing hard, sending some of the snow flying.  A true Winter Wonderland scene. 

   Speaking of Winter Wonderland, it looks like we'll be adding to our total in a big way this weekend.  The weather service is calling for 6 to 12 inches of snow, then freezing rain and rain on top of that.  A Winter Storm Warning is in effect for our area from 4pm today till 1pm Sunday.  Looks like I'll get some of that shovelling done, too.  Maybe I should run home and go out to the woods for those boughs now.  Nah, it's fun wading through the snow, hunting goodies to decorate with.  The forecast say that folks to the South of us will get mostly freezing rain, ice and rain.  I hope you alll will be extra careful out there.  And I know the Midwest is getting hit hard as I type.  

   I guess that's about all for today, I do need to pick up a few things before I go home for lunch, and then on to my last client of the day(I may try to go a little early).  You all take care and be careful in the path of this storm.     ~Thanks for stopping by~


Thursday, November 29, 2007

Unexpected free time.

   I've gotten some unexpected free time today and just couldn't resist popping in to do my Thankful Thursday. 

1.  The snow storm we got this morning.  Just a minor one only a couple inches, but blowing and drifting.  My client said she was too sick to go, but I think it was the weather.  We'll just have to make up this appointment later. 

2. Coffee. This morning it's at home, my cheap coffee maker and the peppermint mocha creamer.  When you can hear the wind whistling, it's good to have a hot cup of coffee in your hands.

3. My mechanic.  Yeah, he's here again.  This time it's a pair of tires that I'm getting for a discount.  With free balance and mount.  How cool is that?

4. All my friends here in J-Land.  I really look forward to getting computer time and visiting everyone.  I know I said this last week, but this is such a special community of caring people.

5. I found my winter boots!  NO, seriously, I couldn't find them, knew I had packed and moved them, but Poof!  Well, they were in my closet, behind a box of books-imagine that.

6. The weather channel and the meteorologists on the local TV stations that keep us so well informed on these snowstorms that come  blowing through here.  I guess we've got a doozie(sp) coming on Sunday.  Lots of lake-effect snow!  And we will till the lakes(Michigan and Superior) freeze.  Just keep shovelling, and I know this sounds crazy, but I enjoy it.

   Well, this entry really seems to be about the weather around here.  But that is what is on everyone's minds this time of year.  We can get dumped on quite regularly.  Then the snow settles down and we get the bone-numbing cold for late January and February.  There really isn't any other news to talk about.  I've got another overtime week, this week, even with the 2 hours I lost today.  :)  I'm going to the new computer repair guy in town and see if he's got any deals for me, fingers are crossed.  Hope to get back here tomorrow and Saturday.  Till then...

                                         ~Thanks for Stopping By~

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Snowy Evening at the library

   An evening off, ah!  It doesn't happen very often during the week.  Just every other Wednesday for right now.  Some of my work hours have been shifted around and I only have an hour here and there to get online.  So I thought tonight would be a good time to get an entry done. 

   I have been working alot of hours lately, and will have some overtime checks coming.  I think I'll get some money saved finally.  Not much, my car needs 2 tires, my son needs a little financial help, and my nephew found out he'll probably be laid off for about 6 weeks pretty soon, so I'll have to help out a little extra at home.  Something is telling me it's just not time for this to work out  yet, I'll have to keep being patient.  :::sigh:::

   Potsey(my nephew) got a couple fresh turkeys "deep discount", that couldn't be frozen, so we've got turkey on the menu and turkey in the freezer, and.......turkey.  Actually I found a recipe for a pie crust specifically for meatpies, so I thought we'd try that.  I've also got my cookie recipes out to start the care package baking for my son.  He'll definitely need it this year.  His college money didn't last, he's not making much at his part-time job, so he needs some extra cookies and stuff this year. 

   Speaking of the holidays, I've got to go out to the woods and gather the fresh greens for the wreaths and centerpieces.  We don't really have room for a tree, so I'm making a big "Snowflake Wreath" for the wall behind the TV.  I've got to wire some lights strings behind it and a few ornaments in the middle.   These are really beautiful wreaths, shaped just like a 6 sided snowflake.  I  just love using real greenery in the house, it smells so fresh and"piney". 

   I saw the most beautiful sunrise this morning.  I was out shovelling snow at about 7:30.  We only had about 4 inches, but more is in the forecast and I'd rather shovel a little bit of snow twice than try to move 6 or more inches at one time.  Anyway, I was telling you about the sunrise this morning, I don't think I've ever seen that many intense colors, all the reds, oranges, pinks, almost irridescent.  As the sun got higher and the colors lightened up alittle, they moved into the surrounding clouds.  The whole sky just glowed.  I could have just kicked myself, I'm not much of a photographer, but usually have one of those one-time use cameras around with a couple shots left, but not today.  It was just breathtaking.  So when you're out there shovelling that snow, stop and look up.  You never know what you'll see.  Maybe a beautiful sky, maybe the trash man-who thought I was a little off my gourd for staring at the sky.  Or maybe just some more snow! 

   Well, that's about it for my news for now.  I'm going to go and visit some more journals and get caught up. 

                              ~Thanks for Stopping By~

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Happy Thanksgiving to all my J-Land friends!

    I've got to get my greetings in early.  The libraries will be closed on Thursday and Friday.  It looks like we'll have a dusting of snow for Thanksgiving.  Maybe as much as a couple inches.  I'll be working for  part of the day and cooking Thanksgiving dinner(except the turkey) for one of my clients, and joining her and her daughter for dinner.  The rest of my family have plans and both Bro and Potsey have a couple dinner invitations to attend so everyone will be full.  We do have plans for the traditional Eggnog(spiked) toast tomorrow evening.  We should all be home by 8pm or so.  I'll even have time to watch part of the (also traditional) Thanksgiving beating of the Detroit Lions.  ::sigh::  I thought this year would be different, but they're playing the division leading Green Bay Packers.  It would be a Thanksgiving Day MIRACLE!!!  for them to win this game. 

   What an appropriate day for my Thankful Thursday.  I have so many things in my life to be thankful for.  The list is long, so let's being. 

1. I am thankful for my work.  Not everyone has the priviledge to do work they truly enjoy.

2. I am thankful for my family, as frustrating as they are, I love them.   That includes my Son, who has found a way to live on his own, and still be able to go to college.  This allowed me to move back to Michigan and start my life over. 

3. I am thankful that I have a basically reliable car and a dependable mechanic.  I need a car in my line of work. 

4. I am thankful for my health and wellness.  Working with the disabled and elderly reminds me every day how fortunate I am. 

5. And of course, did you really think I'd do a Thankful Thursday without mentioning it-Coffee.  Today, it's every gas station that I stop at during my workday, the cashiers who are so friendly, the customer punch cards that allow me to get a free cup(with the purchase of 5 or 8 or whatever). 

6. A heartfelt Thank You to all our servicemen, their families, for the sacrifices that they make for our country.  We wouldn't be here, doing this, if it weren't for them.

7. And last but definitely not least, all the friends and readers I have here in J-Land.  This is a community where everyone finds a way to fit in and have wonderful friends to connect with.  I love you all. 

    I hope to squeeze in alittle time between shifts today, but if I don't get by to visit you, please have a Happy Thanksgiving and I'll catch up with you later.  My time is up for today so.....

                ~Thanks for Stopping by~   Blessings,  Leigh

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Rainy Monday, alittle free time.

   This is going to be one of those weeks.  A short week and then the holiday and I won't be able to figure out what day it is for about another four.  Ah well.  Like my subject header says, it's raining here.  It's been kind of cold, and we haven't seen much of the sun for a few days.  I was out cleaning out the car some yesterday afternoon and was just thinking that it won't be long till snow covers everything till spring.  We have a sandy driveway, so we'll be able to get down to the sand when plowing and shovelling, but the rest will all be white-or some variation. 

   I'm starting with a new client tomorrow afternoon, so I'll only be able to get here in the mornings before work, unless I sneak in for awhile around noon.  It was funny, I had just gotten my December schedule in the mail and Bro was asking me how long before it gets changed, when my phone rang, the call was about this new client.  And I'm sure it'll change again, although I like my hours right now-except for computer access.  I'm still working 7 days a week for the most part, will get time and a half for Thanksgiving, and my schedule on the weekends will be lighter.

   I've been thrift shopping again.  I found a Wilton pan for mini loaves of bread for $1.  That'll come in really handy for the Holidays.  I usually bake for my clients' Holiday gifts.  I found a fleece pullover from L.L. Bean that looks like it has never been worn for $2. and I got a couple Christmas tins for cookies.  It's time to start planning my Son's care package.  I pack a big box with all his favorite baked goodies each year.  Then there's the decorations for the littler place.  There really isn't room for a tree, so I thought I'd take the basic design for this snowflake shaped wreath I make and enlarge it, add some lights and decorations, and hang it behind the TV.  Maybe one of those little artificial ones for the coffee table. Hmmm......  See, I've got some planning to do, so I'm off to the next client after stopping for something to eat, and get my in-mind design work done.  

                             ~Thanks for stopping by~


Thursday, November 15, 2007

One Word to Describe Me...

I've seen this at a couple of other journals and am adding it to mine. 

The Game is On!!!   And you're it!

Describe ME in one word....just one single word.  Post it in my comment section.  Then put the same request in your journal, so that we can visit you... and do the same thing...  and see how many strange and interesting things we say about you.

Play along, it's fun.

   Today is the opening day of firearms deer season, here in Northern Michigan.  Hunter Orange is everywhere.  I haven't heard of any monster racks coming to any of the buck poles.  Although the bucks with the biggest racks are WAYYYY back in the swamps,  they know better.  No one who hunts from my household and extended buddies has been successful yet in bow season, although they can still hunt with a bow during firearms season, they have to wear orange.  They actually have till Dec. 31st. to hunt with a bow. 

    The other day, I experienced the perfect early fall morning.  It was crisp, the temperature cold enough to have frost on the windshield, clear, with no streetlights right near the house, and the New Moon, you could see every star in the sky...... It was breathtaking.  Just one of those mornings that you have to stop for a minute and just admire Mother Natures ability to amaze.  Just one of those perfect moments, when I am so glad that I get to live where I do. 

   Well, I have more journals to read yet and I've got an afternoon shift, so....

                               ~Thanks for stopping by~  

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

My Day Off!

   This is something that hasn't happened in quite awhile.  At least 6 weeks or so.  I had today off!  The whole day!  I have 2 clients that are(or were-one got released) in the hospital.  So I didn't have to work today as I only had one shift this morning(the one that got released this afternoon).  So, what did I do on my day off?  Well, I got up at 5:15am, made coffee, and read for about 1 1/2 hours.  I got some of the boxes out of the closet to reorganize and get the holiday box down, so that I can find all my recipes for cookies and get organized for the holiday season early.  I went to the thrift shop, found a pan that bakes 4 of those mini loaves at one time(Wilton) for $1 and some holiday cards for a quarter.  I also found a windbreaker for $1, and some plastic holiday plates for delivering the cookies that I make for my clients.  Cool shopping.  I spent a grand total of $5.30 including some paperbacks for .25 each. :-)

   Speaking of my clients, some have asked what I do for a living.  I'm a Home Health Aide.  I go to my clients homes and help them with their daily living activities, help with a shower, do housekeeping, correspondence, cooking, errands, and sometimes just sit and visit with them.  I really enjoy my work, although some days I travel 60+ miles to get to all of them.  Some are only 2 hour shifts, I've worked 12 hour shifts and some 24hour.  I get to sleep during the 24 hour ones, they just need to have someone present in the home besides the client.  For instance a client's husband has to go to the hospital for a few days, we'll go and stay with her for 24 hr shifts. 

   I mentioned in that short entry yesterday that I had to go see my mechanic.  I needed a radiator hose replaced.  He fit my car in, in the middle of the day, without making an appointment.  What a good guy he is. 

   I was in the middle of doing a meme that Dawn at Carpe Diem had done a couple of entries back, when I bumped a button and the whole thing just went poof!  It was the first time I had ever used a laptop.  The keys are placed closer and the surface was flat instead of the slight slant of a desktop keyboard, so my fingers were a little awkward, but I did manage till I bumped that key.  Anyway, I may look into getting a laptop when I finally get my money together.  I like the compactness, as my desk in my room is small.  And the portability.  Anyway here's the meme I was doing.  Four Things. 

Four Jobs I've had.

1.Home Health Aide.

2. Waitress.

3. Gas Station Attendant.

4. Newspaper carrier.

Four Movies I  Can Watch Over and Over

1. Scrooged. 

2. Groundhogs Day.

3. Michael.

4. Christmas Story.

Four Places I Have Lived.

1. Here-Roscommon.

2.  Sebring, OH.  When I was married.

3. Gaylord, MI  Till I lost my job and apartment all in one day due to a fire-I lived in the apartment upstairs from the restaurant I worked in.

4. Sylvania, OH.  For all of 10 days.  My one and only city experience-it's a suburb of Toledo.

Four TV Shows I Love to Watch.

1. M.A.S.H.   I've seen them all so many times, but will sit and watch them again. 

2. Football- I used to watch from the pregame shows at noon till the last game was done on Sunday night.  More than my husband watched. 

3. House.  Although we're only "allowed" to watch the DVD from the previous years.  My nephew is a House freak, and doesn't want to see any of the episodes till they come out on DVD, and I don't sit in front of the TV much anyway, so.....

4. Wow, I really can't come up with another TV show I Love to watch.  so.....

Four Places I've Been To on Vacation.

1. Here.  No seriously, when I was in Ohio, we came up and went camping.  Can you say that you've vacationed where you live?

2. Cedarville, MI.  A little town in the Upper Penninsula of MI. 

3. Disney World.  Way back in 1973 before it was even all the way finished.

4. That's it. 

Four Websites I Visit Daily

1. Lolcats

2. Amazon

3. That's about it.

Four Favorite Dishes.

1. Pizza

2. Macaroni and cheese with hotdogs. Seriously.

3. Chili and cornbread

4. Peanutbutter Toast.  EVERYDAY. REALLY.

Four Places I'd Rather Be Right Now.

1. In front of a brand new laptop in my home.  Sorry, I've just got computers on the brain. 

2. At Waldenbooks with a Huge giftcard. Or any bookstore.

3. On a warm sandy beach with a pitcher of frozen margueritas, and a good book...or maybe a man. 

4.In front of a campfire, next to my huge RV with a pitcher of margueritas, or SoCo and coffee, and a good book...or maybe a man. 

   I found this joke that someone gave me a long time ago.  23 Ways to Tell You're Grown Up. ( I won't do them all) 

1. Your houseplants are alive and you can't smoke any of them.

2. Having sex in a twin bed is out of the question.

3. You keep more food than beer in the fridge.

4. 6:00am is when you get up, not when you go to bed. 

8. You go from 130 days of vacation time to 14.

11. Older relatives feel comfortable telling sex jokes around you.

12. You don't know what time Taco Bell closes anymore.

14. You feed your dog Science Diet instead of McDonald's leftovers.

15. Sleeping on the couch makes your back hurt.

16. You take naps.

18. Eating a basket of chicken wings at 3AM would severely upset, rather than settle your stomach.

20. A $4.00 bottle of wine is no longer "Pretty good shit"

21 You actually eat breakfast food at breakfast time.

22. "I just can't drink the way I used to" replaces "I'm never drinking that much again".

23 You go to the drugstore for  Ibuprofen and antacids instead of condoms and pregnancy tests.

    My time is almost up for today, the library closes at 7pm.  I'm working on visiting all my favorite journals, but I've gotten behind, so if I haven't commented, I'll get there.  ~ Thanks for stopping by~

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hi,  I'm stopping by real quick to say Hi and let you know that I had an entry all ready to go and hit the wrong key here somewhere.  I'm using a laptop for the first time.  So I'm frustrated and have to go.  My mechanic is expecting me in a few minutes, I need a hose replaced, and then I have to go to work.  I'll have time to visit tomorrow and post a nice long entry. Or maybe two short ones.  Who knows.  Till then-

~Thanks for Stopping by~   There'll be more to read here tomorrow.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

One more time! A Meme.

   Okay, the snow's almost all melted, so I had to skip the snowballs.  I went right for the pizza slice and this breadstick they call a Bosco.  It has Motz. cheese on the inside and olive oil, parm cheese and garlic on the outside.  Yummy, especially with that coffee I mentioned. 

   Here's a meme that Dawn the Princesss of Meme's had a couple posts ago.  It's pretty simple- 5 Things.

A.  Found in my room.

   1. The bed.  Of course!

   2. Lots of books.

   3. My stereo w/CD's.

   4. My teapots.  I actually use them once in awhile, too!

    5. An unfinished quilt, about 80% done, just have some more quilting and the border to be finished.  All sewn by hand.

B. I have always wanted to-

    1. Go on one of those jetskis! All over the lake.

    2. Have thicker hair.  It's long, baby fine, and thinning.  Sigh!

    3. Have a little house by a stream with a garden and woods nearby.

    4. Go for a hot air balloon ride.  Don't ask my why, since I'm afraid of heights, can't even lean over the balcony rail!

    5. Do the Labor Day Macinac Bridge Walk.  It's like 5 miles long-way above the water(there's that fear of hieghts again).

C. Found in my bag.

    1. Cell phone.

    2. 5 or 6 pens.

   3. Hershey bar or MM's.

   4. Small bottle of Purell.

   5. Half my mail for the month.

D. Found in my wallet.

   1. Way too much change for the little zippered pocket.

   2. Stamps.

   3. Gas Station coffee punch cards, I have one filled for a free cup, but I'm saving it for now.

   4. A couple expired coupons.  (Why?)

   5. Very little cash.  Tomorrow's payday.  :)

E. I am currently into-

   1. Studying astrology and Tarot.

   2. Journalling and writing(alittle) on the internet.

   3. Heavy Metal music.

   4. Drinking lots of Coffee-c'mon, you knew it'd be here somewhere.

   5. Snacking on cinnamon graham crackers with peanut butter.

F. Non Family/friend Phone numbers in my cell.

   1. My mechanic.

   2. Work.

   3. B. C. Pizza

   4. My Credit Union.

   5. The company I order books from.

     Well, that about wraps it up for today.        ~Thanks again for stopping by~

It's Thursday!!

   Good afternoon.  How's everyone doing on this snowy(that's right) afternoon.  Actually, it has stopped snowing for now, but this morning we had a lovely layer about 2" deep on the grass and cars.  Very pretty from the livingroom window.  Hey, why complain about it?  You can't avoid it here in Northern Lower Michigan.  Last year we had a freak snow storm in mid-Oct. and then I was walking on the lakeshore in jeans and a sweatshirt on Dec. 24th.  And if you don't like the weather, wait a day and it'll change. 

    I'm here to do my Thankful Thursday and just kind of catch up alittle.  It's been a busy week for me.  First, on Thursday night last week(Nov. 1st) I had to go to Oscoda which is 90+ miles from home for a client that had no aide.  There are a limited number of aides with the skill level to take care of her and none were available.  So, after my 4-7pm shift, I got on the expressway and headed east-south-east.  The trip took about 1 3/4 hours.  I worked the two hour shift and began my return trip home.  About 12 miles from home, on the expressway, my headlights suddenly went out.  OMG.  That's right, immediately after using my turn signal to pass a car that was moving onto the exit ramp, !Poof!  I'm driving along in the dark(12:30AM).  Flashers go on and I slowed and pulled over.  Called home and discovered no one would answer.  I crept along the side of the highway and as I rounded a curve(about 1 mile) I saw the flashing lights of a police car!  Yay, help.  The officer was at the scene of a car-deer accident with the wrecker.  They looked over the car, fuses, wires, and whatever else and couldn't find the problem.  Of course the tow truck driver was "kind enough" to offer to get the flatbed truck to tow my car back to his location for repair.  (Hah, I don't have any jewels valuable enough to sell to cover the cost of that, pal.)  The county officer asked me where I lived and said he'd give me a ride home because he had to go to the gas station to gas up-in Roscommon.  My lucky night!!!  So I pulled the car over as far as I could to the side(to be picked up when it was daylight)and was delivered home about 15 minutes later.  The culprit was the dimmer switch-stuck between the high and low beams.  Easily repaired once we found the part. 

    Last night, I received a call from the office and they needed someone to  work a 12 hour midnight shift.  I know the client, the pay was good, I knew I could nap, it gave me 5 1/2 hours overtime, so I said yes.  My day had started at 4:30am as I had a 6:30-8:30am shift, a 10-12pm shift and a 12:30-4:30pm.  I said I could be there at 8:30pm, made a huge pot of coffee, ate, showered and packed my bag for the night(a good book and snacks) and left for work.  I've been on the go since then, with about 3 hours of sleep and I don't feel too bad.  So without further ado here is my Thankful Thursday list for this week- 

1. Coffee.  Of course, this afternoon it's essential.  And yes it does help me stay awake when I need it to, but doesn't seem to bother me when it's time to sleep.

2.  The extra hours of work I was able to get this week.  Into the computer fund it goes! :-)

3.  The very nice police officer who came to my aid last Thursday night.  And the poor deer and car that got damaged, that brought him to where I needed him to be. 

4.  My mechanic.  He's very reliable, quick, efficient, and knows how important my car is to my job, so he fits me in for work as quickly as possible.  Thanks James!

5.  Oh, and did I mention coffee?  Yeah, I know I did, but I'm getting kind of punchy- not really enough time for a nap today, I had a 10-12pm and I have a 4-7.  So I'll pass out very early tonight. 

   I think my time is almost up.  There are others waiting for the computers.  I think I'll go get a coffee refill(See Sunny, 3 times in one entry.)from the gas station and maybe a slice of pizza, and go throw snowballs at something, just because I can!!!   Have a great day and I'll see you again soon!   

                              ~Thanks for stopping by~

Thursday, November 1, 2007

A Quick Thankful Thursday.

I've got a little time before I get ready to leave for work, so I thought I'd post my Thankful Thursday entry. 

1. I'm thankful for the library and their computers.  I'll be using them for a while and they're really nice about me showing up every day.

2. For all my readers and friends that stop by and comment, even when I post so erratically. 

3. For the Halloween candy going on sale 50% off today. I got a couple small bags of Hershey bars.  :)

4. Coffee-no particular flavor, or place today, just coffee.  There are some days that it just tastes so good.

5. For Daylight savings time ending this weekend.  It'll be like sleeping in!!  And I don't have to get up early for work this weekend.  Just afternoon shifts.

    I've got to go for now.  I waited till I had e-mail sorted out before I came to do an entry, I spent too much time reading.   You all have a great day and Thanks for stopping by....

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Meme Meme Meme Just one really...

A Meme from The princesss's pages at Carpe Diem. 

Using the third letter of your first name, answer the following questions.  The third letter of my first name is R.  Remember, Leigh is my middle name.

1. Famous Singer-Rod Stewart, I could have really dated myself and said Rick Springfield.

2. Four letter word-Rant

3. Street-Rodeo Drive-never been there, don't wanna go.

4. Color- Ruby Red, two R words in one.  :)

5. Gifts/presents-Rubies from Rodeo Drive.  Hehehe

6. Vehicle-Rondevous, a Honda?  Whatever.

7. Things in a souvenir shop-Red Wings Jersey

8. Boy's name-Robert

9. Girl's name-Rebecca

10. Movie Title-Rough Riders

11. Drink-RobRoy

12. Occupation-Receptionist

13. Celebrity-Rosanne Barr-or whatever her name is now.

14. Magazine-Redbook

15. U.S. City-Roscommon, okay it's actually a small town, but I drew a blank.

16. Pro Sports-Red Wings Hockey, or was I supposed to name a sport? Ummm.....Russian Roulette?  I can't think of one.

17. Fruit-Raspberries

18. Reason for being late for work-Really good dream.  (Mmmm) Okay, Okay, how about running a Red Light ticket.  ;(

19. Something you threw away-Running a Red Light ticket!   NO, not really, I've  never had a ticket-well, a little speeding ticket for 80mph in a 75mph zone-Yes, it was a long time ago.

20. Something you shout-Recess!! 

21. Cartoon character-RoadRunner

22. Song title-Rain, Rain, go away.  By Breaking Benjamin

    Well there you have it.  Three entries in one day.  I have to tell you, I really miss doing this and will try really hard to get my time planned out so that I keep up with entries, reading and commenting.  I've got about 20 minutes, so I'm going to tame some of the e-mails I've got.  Thanks for stopping by....

Time for an entry!

Well, Greetings!!                                                                                   I'm very happy to be able to join you this afternoon.  I have the rest of the day off.  It's a rare treat.  I've been scheduled 7 days a week for the last month or so and this is the closest thing to a day off, so I'm treating myself to some extra computer time.  I usually work in the morning and then have 4 hours off in the early afternoon, so that's when I head to the library.  After that I have a 3 hour shift in the evening, 4pm to 7pm.  But usually one day a week, every other week it's on Sunday, I only have one morning shift.  That's today, this week. 

    Well, it looks as though the computer at the house will remain non-functioning.  Because of thin doors, and male voices that "carry", I've discovered that my brother is glad it no longer works, and that my nephew had no intentions of getting it repaired.(it's his computer)  I'm really the only one who used it the majority of the time, so it's not important to them.  If it had been the TV or the X-Box that would have been a whole different story.  Expressing my disappointment and hurt at the fact that they think so little of me is a fruitless endeavor, but I'm just so Pissed that I could Spit.  I actually had a more somber entry planned and prewritten, but the heck with that.  It was depressing and I'm not really in a depressed mood.  I've decided to go ahead, save my money, get a used computer, pay for my own internet connection, and keep it in my room.  I've written down exactly what I will pay for rent and utilities, what I won't be paying for anymore(cable internet connection), and that if they don't like it-if that is not enough-I'll go find someplace else to live.  Actually I can't do that, because my name is on the lease and if theyscrew up, the landlord can hold me responsible.  So I pretty much have to bide my time, see how things go over the winter, get my computer and plan on whether I'll be leaving Aug 1st, 2008.  There aren't really that many places around here that I could afford, so..... 

    Other than that there really hasn't been too much going on in my life.  My car is running well, the gas prices piss me off, I need an oil change.  I've been working about 36 to 40 hours a week, so I'll be able to put some money away and maybe have a laptop by the first of the year.  I talked to my Son the other night, he's doing well.  His work at school and his job, plus the extra work he does for the Art Dept. head, keep him more than busy.  He's happy doing the things he loves, and I am so glad for him.  Actually he said he's been too busy, as one of the things he's been working on was some set decoration for a play group that is visiting the area(Cleveland-Akron).  He may get to go on the road with them over the summer, with the possibility of going to Europe.  Wow, that's an opportunity he'll want to see come to fruition.  I'm very proud of him. 

    I feel sorry for the Trick-or-Treaters tonight.  It's cold and drizzly here.  With the temperatures expected to only be in the 40's the next couple of days, I guess it's time to drag out the jackets, and get the boots in the car with my winter emergency kit.  I spend alot of time on the road, even though I usually only drive about 15 miles away, lots of it is empty road with very few houses.  And the cell phone reception isn't always great in some of those areas. 

    I guess that's about it for now.  This seems kind of short, and it's been so long since I have done an entry-6 days-I wanted to write a nice long "letter".   Maybe I'll go find a meme to do and have 3 entries in one day!  Thanks for stopping by, and I promise that I'll get a routine down and write more.....

                                                Happy Halloween,  Leigh

A Greeting!

                ~Happy Halloween~

  I'll come back in a little while to do an entry.  Just wanted to get this out there!!  Heading to the library in Roscommon after I go get something to eat.  I'll have more time there to write.                           Spooky Smiles,  Leigh

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Sneaking in for a Thankful Thursday.

   I've got a break between shifts and a computer at the library for alittle while, so I thought I'd post an entry and my Thankful Thursdays.  Those first-

1.  The library and their computers.  As long as I can get this done before my time is up.  Actually, they'll let me stay past the hour if there's noone waiting.  :)

2. That I have the time in the afternoons to do this. 

3. That my cold is finally getting better.  My nose looks like Rudolph's.  :(

4. For Gas stations that have a punch card for a free cup of coffee after 8 or 10 purchases, today's was free.  And yummy-regular with Almond Toffee creamer.  I know that I always mention coffee in some form, but I really do love it that much.  :)

    It looks like the computer situation is grim.  Something about the CD Drive and the disk for the external modem not being read.  It's not my computer, so I'll just have to wait and see.  At least until I can figure something else out.  For right now, I'll have to come to the library, their computers are "Really" fast here!   Wow! 

   Like I said, I've been suffering one of those colds that attack the head and chest.  It's letting up now, I've been able to breathe through my nose all day.  I'll have to take that nasty tasting cough medicine for a couple more nights. 

    My time is up for today, unless I go to the other library in Roscommon.  Thanks for stopping by.....

Sunday, October 21, 2007

~Requiem for a computer-maybe~

My computer is not functioning at the moment, and may never work again.  :(   That means that I have to rely on the library until I can get things worked out.   I'll try to stop by, read and comment, when I can, make an entry here, too. 

She signs out till....   Thanks for stopping by.....

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Day After the Night Before...

::sigh::  I could be having sex right now...  Oh wait, wrong journal!   Hehehe.  

   Hi there, I'm going to be brave and attempt to get this entry in before work.  Hopefully, "they" have gotten the hiccups in the system fixed, and this will post. 

   Yesterday was my 52nd Birthday.  I didn't say anything about it, wasn't in the frame of mind to really celebrate much.  I was hoping to just let it slip by as quietly as possible.  Things were still kind of tense here at home and well......  sometimes when I expect good things to happen they don't.  Yesterday was a normal workday for me with the exception of going to the Secretary of State office for my license plate renewal.  Some of us have to get new plates this year and I was dreading to see what the plate number was going to be.  I never memorized the old one.  To this day, I have a slip of paper in my wallet so that I could copy it.  I really lucked out.  I have a plate numbber that I'll be able to remember and was in and out of there in like 15 minutes!!!

   I got a couple nice little gifts from the clients that knew it was my birthday and a call from my son.  Pretty much all that I expected.  I got home, and !surprise! there on the table was a cake(Chocolate!) and cards and a pint of Southern Comfort.   We had a little party, I drank about 3/4 of the pint and things are better here, now.   Don't get me wrong, Bro and Potsey still drive me over the edge, piss me off, confound me, aggravate me, irritate me, but they're my closest family, expect for my Son.   And I love them.  I have to Thank them for the very nice gesture, it was just right!

   I wanted to write about some of my experiences in my life, but couldn't find a way to express them that I was comfortable with.  Then I came upon the idea of a story or essay(way).  Writing in the third person is a new experience for me.  Very different, looking at her(me) with a more objective eye.  As I was sitting in the restaurant after breakfast yesterday(my birthday gift to me), I just started scribbling, very disjointed thoughts, episodes of my life.  I  guess I need to bone up on the writing process alittle and see what comes out of this.  I never pictured myself as any kind of writer, and I think this is as far as the urge will go.  Just writing here.  If I get out of hand, just let me know. 

   It's time to go get ready for work.  Just wanted to share(maybe TMI in that first sentence) some of my thoughts this morning.  Thanks for stopping by.....

Monday, October 15, 2007

    She sits at the Nurse's Station, in one of those chairs on wheels.  Staring.  Knowing the truth in her heart, but listening to the commotion that follows the Code Blue that was initiated when she walked out of her husbands' room and called the nurse.  She knows.  Her whole world has just been tossed in the air.  As she watches the pieces falling, she wonders what to do now.  Greg, an orderly that has known them for many years as a result of her husbands many hospital stays, walks toward her.  He removes his gloves and shakes his head.  As he hugs her and whispers that it's over, she tells him that she knows.  The minute she walked into the room, she knew.  This wasn't really a state of shock, it was more disbelief.  The surreal situation she's faced with, is not something she'd dared to think about, to believe could happen.  The overwhelming feeling of guilt descends.  How, when her husband had just died, could she dare to feel this way?  Why, after the years of despondency, after the hopelessnes she'd felt for so long, now, does her heart open to possibilities?  Where is the grief, the mourning, the sadness, the decency to show her husband, of 17 years, the respect he deserves at this time?  Her mind is racing, reeling.  The nurse approaches, "Is there anyone I can call for you?"  For ME?  No.  There's noone here for me.  "We'll have to notify his family, the funeral director, my son."  But as she writes down the numbers, she realizes that she can't stay there.  She can't stay in the hospital wing, and proceed with the requisite phone calls, responsibilities, not yet.  "I need ten minutes, a walk, and can we hold off the phone calls till then?"  There's no need for urgency now.  They need to fill out the inevitable paperwork, clean the body, remove the equipment from the room.  "Of course.  Let me know when you're ready."  She walks to the banks of elevators, pushes the down button and waits.  Moving as if by rote, she enters the elevator, descends to the Lobby floor, walks through the entrance she has traversed many times over the years.  Never in her life, has she had this sense of unreality, this feeling of a lack of direction.  Maybe this is shock after all.  Not the shock of discovering her husband, or the shock of sudden grief.  Her shock is directly correlated to her reactions, her response to this most tragic event.  She can compare it to the imagery of a bird, held captive in a cage for many years, finding that the door has been left open.  She can pass through this cage door with nothing and noone to stop her.  Yet, as the bird has no idea where to fly to, just the urge to fly away, so does she wander in her mind.  The concept of life beyond what she has known for so many years, has eluded her.  She never dared hope such a life could exist.  Yet here it was.  She has to focus on the realities of the situation.  There are so many details to be attended to.  Many difficult conversations, decisions to be made.  Would they know?  Would they be able to see it on her face, the guilt of her emotions?  Would they think any less of her than they already did?  Did it, at this late date, matter?

    It was an unusually warm and sunny day for mid-March.  Walking outdoors in her shirtsleeves, she follows the sidewalk around the hospital to the smoking bench in the rear.  Again, that sense of unreality encroaches.  The smoking bench is warmed by a sun that doesn't belong in the bowl of the sky, on this day of endings.  She sits down, and is soon joined by Greg, who has come outdoors to regain his composure after the ordeal upstairs.  He asks her "What now?"  And as she shrugs her shoulders, she realizes that "what now" is a question she doesn't have an answer for. 

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Rambling thoughts, tonight.

   I don't know why I pick out a Font and Size, this computer never(okay, hardly ever) does what I want it to anyway...

   I survived the whole concert episode.  Not very well, but survived it.  Potsey and Deuce(his cousin on his mom's side) went.  That's right, on top of everything else, I came home from work to find out that they went(insert very BAD language here).  The nasty inner child in me wants to scream about how unfair this all has been,  and to express my feelings.  But, nah, I'm not going to lower myself.  I'm going to remember the advice that my (ex)stepmother gave to me, and actually apply it in this instance.  Her advice came to me on my pending move to Ohio, and meeting my future husbands family (who in the end weren't worth it).  She said "Be nice, don't be yourself".   And one of the mottos I've always tried to live by comes to mind right now-If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all.  This definitely applies here.  Right now, they're out at the bonfire, and I'd love to go outside and sit by the fire, but I just can't trust myself to keep my dignity.  So, I thought I'd post an entry.  Then, I'm going to go soak in the tub, use my new body butter all over, it's called Country Pear and has a lovely fragrance.  Then go to bed.  I have a 6:30am shift and the extra sleep will do me good.  IF I can get to sleep and stay that way till 4:30 or 5:00am. 

   I tried to take care of some errands yesterday afternoon without much luck, so I went to Walmart and spent some money on myself.  :)  I tried to go get my license plates, but there was like 12 people waiting and I only had 2 hours to do things and shop.  I've got till Tuesday, so I'll try again on Monday or Tuesday.   I tried to go pay my car insurance, but the agent took yesterday off-left a nice note on the door, but... :(   Failing at the important stuff, I went and did my grocery shopping and then hit the aisles with treats for me!  I got 2 CD's, one of them was on sale so I had enough for both of them.  Then I found the aforementioned body butter and a light cologne spray to match.  It's very fresh and light.  I bought a new eyeliner pencil, but have to wait for the eyeshadow I want till next week.  Also, next week, I'm ordering a couple of the books I've been waiting to get.  Remember, I now have extra money that I AM NOT paying in at the house. (she snickers, wickedly)  No, I am not going to feel guilty about this, either. 

   No new turkey sightings, but I did see a couple deer on my way to work this morning.  I always hold my breath till I get past them, fearing a meeting of tragic proportions.  One of my readers left a comment about one of those turkeys for Thanksgiving.  Nope, have you ever heard the expression "she's a tough old bird"?  Well, that's what this would be.  Tough.  These birds put on alot of miles in search of sustinence.  I'll take one of the grain-fed stand around in a pen all day, birds over wild any day.  Most of the hunters that take a turkey only want to keep the carcass-stuff it with the tail all fanned out.  More a trophy than dinner.  Whatever. 

   I've been having trouble leaving comments on other journals, so if you haven't seen one from me, it's not that I haven't visited, it's just this poor old puter acting up.  I just hope that I can get this entry to post.  One of these days, I'm seriously going to have to try to find a better one.  Or something.

   Well, I hear the bathtub calling me, so I'll close this for now.  Thanks for stopping by.....

Thursday, October 11, 2007

More Turkeys and Thankfuls

   That's right, just like the Subject line says-More Turkeys.  No funny stories to go along with them, just the turkeys.  On my way to work, I saw 2 more, much smaller "flocks" of turkeys,  they all stayed along the side of the road, thankfully.  I had no time for parades.  After that shift, I returned home for lunch and a couple hour break.  When I left for my late afternoon shift, I saw 27 turkeys on the lawn at the Community Center across the street.  Yeah, I counted them.  I don't think I've ever seen that many turkeys in one day. 

   Potsey didn't find his keys till this evening.  He had taken them to the woods, when he went hunting night before last.  They had fallen out of his friends truck.  He was so lucky to find them today.  The putz. 

   My Thankful Thursday goes like this-

1. Getting my hours back at work.  SSSHHHHH, don't tell(yet)

2. The cooler weather that has finally arrived.  Now, it's time for  sweatshirts, chili and cornbread, and hot spiced cider!  Yay!

3. My CD collection.  I've been listening to alot of them that I haven't heard in awhile.  I do miss the radio, though.  Come on Saturday.

4. All my friends and readers who left so many thoughtful comments.  It really means alot to me. 

5. And last but not least, yes Sunny here it is again, Coffee.  Actually, it's instant cappachino this week.  Dark Rich Chocolate.  Yummy.

   I had an early shift this morning, so I'm signing off and turning in.  It may mean that I'm up early tomorrow, but I'm beat tonight.  Thanks for stopping by.....

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Breaking News!

   Traffic came to a screeching halt earlier this morning in Downtown Smalltown Northern Michigan.  The cause of the delay was reported by this eyewitness minutes ago.

    " Well there I was, returning home from giving Potsey a ride to work-he's lost his keys again, the putz.  Anyways, here I am tooling down South 5th Street, when I notice brake lights directly in front of me.  I slowed and prepared to stop, the speed demon behind me doing the same thing-lucky me!  When I spyed the cause of the stopped traffic(from both directions), I burst out laughing.  It was like a little parade, badly lined up and moving slowly.  Apparently too slowly for the irritated driver in front of me, who laid on his horn.  Well that (of course) caused confusion in the line crossing the street, some of them turning around and trying to retreat to the side they had just exited.  Well, the added delay became too much for "Mr. Road Rage in the Big SUV".  He proceeded to inch his way forward, causing more destruction of the parade line, scattering the participants around and behind him as well as further afield into both lanes of traffic.  Much to the dismay of the other drivers, who up till this point had been patiently waiting for the roadway to clear, the delay continued.  It lasted no more than 2 minutes, but under the circumstances, a very long 2 minutes.  Finally, the parade has divided to both sides of the street and traffic resumed it's normal pace.  After wiping my eyes from laughing so hard, I proceeded to my turn a half-block along the street and noticed another parade forming.  Some participants, not in any hurry to get moving, continued to scratch the ground and ignore the obvious leader who was chasing some of them into line.  Ah well, more traffic tie-ups have been predicted by this eye-witness, as I drive on down my block, to the safety of  my own driveway."   The cause of all this commotion?  Wild Turkeys out for Breakfast in Downtown Smalltown Northern Michigan! 

   I was considering what to start this journal entry with while I was returning from dropping Potsey off at work, when this real life joke on humanity unfolded before my very own eyes.  This time of year, they're everywhere, searching for the added fat layers to warmthem through the winter months.  And yes, these flocks(?) of turkeys can number in the dozens (50-60), and no, you don't want to honk the horn at them, as they are crossing the road.  They will scatter and lengthen the time you have to wait for the road to clear. 

  I am doing better, still mourning the fact that I can't go to the concert, but in a lighter frame of mind.  And actually plotting some sneaky scheming.(she snickers wickedly)  Maybe I should phrase this as an ommision of  recent developments, but(hehe) I got my client and the lost hours, and pay, back.  Yay!  The agency that she was supposed to have provide services, has declined to accept her as a client.  Arrangements have been made for family members to assist her.  Anyway, things are back to normal, paywise.  And the ommision of current developments?  I'm not telling anyone here at home!  That's right, they think I'll be pretty much broke, and contributing their fair share, now.  If I was really evil, I'd let them foot more than that, but that overbearing angel on my shoulder won't allow me to be that unfair.(Bitch)  I'm gonna get my books, my CD's, and some treats for me, sock some money away, and continue the charade, till I'm damn good and ready to change the situation.  I really did have a serious discussion about this with Bro and he admitted that after being out of cash for so long, it felt good to be a little irresponsible.  But yes, he would take on more of the financial responsibilty, also informing Potsey that he's got to pay up on the cable and his share of expenses.  So, sshhh, the joke's on them.

   I've got to go get ready for work, adding a sweatshirt as more normal temperatures for this time of year have arrived, along with some rain.   Just thought I'd give you the Breaking News!  Thanks for stopping by.....

Saturday, October 6, 2007

The way things are. My mood- More resigned.

   I don't know why I bother selecting a font, size and color, here.  The old puter just can't seem to handle it. ::sigh::  At least it still types and functions for the most part.

   After a long night of tossing and turning, with my mind bouncing all over the place, the Devil and the Angel on my shoulders coming to blows in their fight to influence my decisions, I got up this morning and did what I had to do, before I changed my mind.  I called the radio station and told them I couldn't use the tickets.  That way they have time to give them away to someone else(the lucky dog).  The DJ was very nice, sorry you can't come to the show--yadda, yadda.

   I am so sick and tired of doing the right thing all the time.  The Angel on my shoulder is pretty powerful(overbearing bitch).  So, now I'm sitting here feeling just as sad, but more resigned about it.  There are times in your life that the good things just aren't supposed to happen.  The consequences of that can be pretty steep, trying to be foolish and go against what you know to be the best thing to do.  I have enough guilt in my life as it is.  Yes, I am very hard on myself, but ... I don't know how to finish that sentence.  I learned a long time ago not to ask for things from others.  That just leads to disappointment, when an unfulfilled request goes by the wayside.  So I just don't ask.  And most of the time I manage to live with that okay. 

   So now, I'm going to work on getting past this.  I won't be listening to the radio, they play the bands alot and are promoting the hell out of this show.  I've got some very nice CD's with relaxing instrumental music, and some Classic Rock that I haven't listened to in a long time, Kansas is my favorite.  So, I'll play those, keep to myself, work on some of the things I need to be doing(now that I'll have a lighter schedule), go for some walks and seek some peace.  Telling anyone here at the house, how I feel about things will only lead to more discord.  I'm one of those people that just can't handle the stress.  I lived with that for way too many years.  So, I'll write, get my feelings down on paper, in my private journals, meditate and read something inspirational.  And just fight to be okay. 

  I want to thank you all for being here, for being supportive.  Reaching out into this world is so vital to my days, reading and writing here is very thereputic and soothing.  I'm going to return you to your regularly scheduled journal entries, now.  Maybe I'll go for a walk this morning and write about how beautiful it is with all the leaves changing colors and the fresh breeze blowing-that I can see out my window even now. 

Thanks for stopping by...


Friday, October 5, 2007

Struggling with emotions, tonight.

   I don't usually write this kind of entry, but I am so disappointed with my life right now.  I am extremely frustrated, unhappy, and if I thought it would help-I'd scream.  But I know it won't.  I guess I just need to talk about it some. 

   On August 3rd, I won tickets to go see Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Seether, and Skillet on Oct. 12th(next Friday).  Through the last two and a half months it was one of the things that kept me going, kept my hopes and spirits up, kept me looking forward.  It would have been the "First" concert show I would have ever gotten to see in my life.  It was my birthday present to me. I was So excited.

   Yeah, you guessed it, I can't go.

   I just can't afford to go.  I found out today that I'll be losing 1/3 of my weekly hours, and of course, 1/3 of my paychecks.  I am SO frustrated.  One of my clients has to move to another agency for care.  She cried today as she told me.  I told her we'd keep in touch, and see each other often, trying to soothe her and all I can think about is "myself".  I am ashamed of that. 

   The whole summer, I had made plans to do a few things, take a couple weekends off.  EVERY single one of my plans had to be scrapped.  I kept thinking, well things will be better by the time the concert comes along, Bro will be back to work, the bills will be more under control, things settled.  (She laughs very sarcastically)  Yes, Bro is back to work, Potsey is working fulltime, and I am still footing the majority of the bills(they both make more than me).  They're too busy spending their money on Bow hunting equipment, trips to Vegas, paintball, steaks on the grill, partying, new CD's.  I am filled with an extreme amount of resentment right now.  They Both know how much I was looking forward to this.  They got to see Three Days Grace in January and have been telling me for 2 months-how much I am going to enjoy this.  They are Not UNaware of my financial contributions here, I've covered the cable/internet bill for 2 months(half Potsey's responsibility), he's been too busy blowing his money.  I don't want to lose internet, so....

   At this point, I don't know what I'm going to do.  Other than be miserable.  It seems like there will be plenty of that for the next week or so.  I just can't write any more tonight, maybe I'll come back and explain alittle more clearly in a later entry.  I try to maintain a good attitude about things, try to remember my blessings (I do have many), but tonight-I just feel so crapped on and deserted by the people closest to me.  Bye for now...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thankful Thursday and a Meme

   I can't believe that it's been over a week since I've written.  I kept meaning to, had to leave for work, was too tired to make sense, it's too early to think straight, can't think of much to say, etc.  Actually, I've been in kind of a funk lately, most of the time.  Then the mood would pass and I'd be like, okay I'm feeling better now.  The moodiness just kept returning, and things just kept getting me down.  I have other journals for the pity parties, but didn't write much there, either.  Things have just been getting me down.  But enough of that for now. 

My Thankful Thursday list this week includes-

1. Friday being payday and tomorrow.  I hate being this broke! ;(  And I'm almost out of Coffee.

2. Coffee-of course.  Yes, I'm a caffeine addict.

3. Beautiful weather.  It's been sunny and warm, perfect clothes on the line days.  And then they smell SO good!

4. Fall colors.  They're just gorgeous right now, and make my drive to and from client's homes more enjoyable. 

5. The friend that will be lending me the 7th Harry Potter book.  I recently finished book 6 and can't wait till I can afford to buy it to read it, so she's bringing it over as soon as she's done.  Thanks Deb.

6. Being able to keep these moods I've been going through under control, and basically to myself.  I don't want to start any major wars here at home-yet!

   And now a meme!  This was done last week by the Princesss of Meme's at Carpe Diem.  The Ten Things you've been putting off.  As a disclaimer, I'd just like to say that I am a terrible procrastinator.  Then all of a sudden, I go on a get it all done binge, and have so many things going on that I just.......(chaos)

1. Doing this entry.  Half of the time, I just write on the fly and have to be in the right frame of mind to sit here and let my mind go.

2. Washing the inside windows of my car.  They are Yucko, but I Hate washing windows, anywhere.

3. Moving the furniture inmy room.  I do have a good reason for that.  I have been working 2 or 3 short shifts a day and they're broken up.  I might start at 6:30am and work 7 or 8 hours in a 13 hour period with a couple breaks of an hour or two.  Right now, in order to get my hours in, I don't even have any days off.  Some days I might only work 3 hours, but add in laundry, errands, other cleaning, and of course the shift is right in the middle of that day. 

4. Going to the eye doctor.  I haven't been in a couple years, but can't afford it right now.  I wear reading glasses, am far-sighted, but don't think it's changed much.

5. Getting my filebox organized.  I Hate paperwork, too.  I just kind of shove things in, till they won't shove any more.

6. Shaving my legs.  Oh, don't start-I'm going on 52 and have hardly any hair on my legs and no man to impress.  So ;(~

7. Getting out the winter comforter.  I will be doing this, washing it and hanging it out on the line.  I'm just not ready to put it on the bed yet.

8. Getting on the scales.  I've been indulging in some comfort foods lately and really am not ready to see what the damage is.

9. All kinds of little things that I put off till the last minute, laundry till there's only one pair of socks(TMI), getting the mail-none of the good stuff is ever for me, going to the grocery store, leaving for work, etc.

10. I really think I've run out of things to list.  Can I put this last one off till later????

   Well, if I want this to actually be posted on Thursday, I'd best  get moving.  Have a great Friday and weekend, everyone.  Thanks for stopping by....

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Happy Tuesday!!!

   Well, like the subject says, Happy Tuesday!  SSHHH... Don't tell anyone, but I've got the house to myself this morning!  So, I have the computer, the music and the fans all to myself.  That hasn't really happened since we moved in here, not for more than an hour or so.  I'm likin' it. 

    I haven't really written much lately, so I thought I'd catch up a little bit here.  Bro went back to work for the first time since July 3rd yesterday.  Everyone he comes in contact with has to "see the scar".  He got lots of sympathy and attention.  He said his muscles are sore, but that's to be expected, as he drives a big truck for an excavation company and has to keep his left hand on the wheel, turning corners and stuff.   One down.  Potsey has a full day at his job.  He's a meat apprentice at the local grocery store.  And that's two.  Me?  I don't have to work till this afternoon at 4.  This was originally my day off, but a new client was added to my list.  So it's mostly a day off.  And that's three. 

    I was witness to a beautiful sunset on my drive home from work last night.  In my rearview mirror, there was the orange sun and every color of yellow, orange and red in the clouds.  Out my windshield, was the moon rising, the darker blue of darkness beginning to set in and a few whispy clouds tinged pinks and whites.  It's times like this I wish I was more artistic or at least had some photography skill.  But the artistic gene seems to have skipped a generation in my family.  My mom and Son were and are the artists and photographers. (heavy sigh)  

  We've had a few hotter days, but cool nights, so I just dont know how to dress when I leave for work in the morning.  I wear shorts and a tee shirt, but take along a button up shirt for homes that are still cool, then put on a sweatshirt cause it's just too cool without one.  By the end of the day I have an armload of clothes to carry in from the car.  Yesterday Bro asked me why I'd changed clothes three times, well no, just adding and subtracting them.  Some days I'm gone from 6am till 7:30pm or later. 

   We had a bonfire Saturday night for the Last Night of Summer celebration.  What a great send-off that was!  We could hear the boys(Potsey and buddies) yelling at the college football games in the house, running out to give us frequent updates.  We cooked hotdogs over the fire, Bro smoked some salmon-absolutely Yummy, and for dessert?  Well, burnt marshmellows over the fire, of course.  The fire was so hot that when I got up Sunday morning to welcome Autumn, there were still some warm coals.  I know, you shouldn't leave the fire unattended, but this firepit is huge and surrounded by sand for about 5 yards in all directions.  For those unfamiliar with Michigan soils, sand is the main ingredient pretty much everywhere. There were only about two hours where no-one was out there, the boys had to finish off the hotdogs and marshmellows in the wee hours of the morning-after the games were done.

    I'm still working in my bedroom.  Something just doesn't feel right, so now I'm seriously considering moving the furniture around.  I just haven't figured out how and still make everything fit comfortably.  I'll have to play with it on paper first, don't want to have to do it more than this one time.  Does anyone have any Feng Shui tips?  Maybe a trip to the library to find a book. 

    Well, I'm signing off from this for now,  I'm going to have an early lunch, and then go take some measurements in the bedroom.  Thanks for stopping by....                              Leigh

Friday, September 21, 2007

My Interview questions from Indigo

   Good Friday evening!!  My computer seems to be behaving tonight, so I'm going for it!  I received these questions from Indigo at "Raven's Lament".  Instead of just the usual 5, she's "decided to go against the rules a little" and written 10 for me to choose from.  So here goes...

1. Over the holidays you have the choice of one of the following: Playing Santa in the children's ward and the local hospital, working in the soup kitchen on Christmas Day, or volunteering time and food to your local animal shelter.  Which would you choose and why?   I'll be volunteering at the animal shelter.  I always work on Holidays, so that others with kids can have the day off.  That's not so totally selfless, I get Holiday pay, and all that canine and feline snuggling.  We rent and can't have pets(except for Kirby the fish) and I miss that. 

2. What is the most courageous thing you have ever done?   I am not particularly courageous,  your basic wimp.  So, taking care of my chronically ill(with MS) husband at home for so many years is my most courageous thing.  They were the hardest times of my life.  Without going into depressing details, I stayed with and took care of a man who grew to distrust me and treated me more like a servent than a wife.  Why?  I took those vows, I believed in those vows, blamed the disease, had a child that needed his father, and because there was no physical violence, didn't realize I was being abused.  I was doing the "right thing".  I know for a fact, his own family would have dumped him in a nursing home if I hadn't been there. 

3. At the end of your life, what is the one thing you hoped would be said about you as a person?   She tried her best.

4. Did you strive to be the person your parents wanted you to be, or did you choose your own path?  How so?   A complex question with a (you guessed it) complex answer.  Yes, I am the person my parents wanted me to be.  I am kind, compassionate, creative, and responsible.  My mother was the most patient, loving, giving person I ever met. She taught me to be kind, to be resourceful, and how to make pickles.  I lost her when I was 12, to cancer.  My dad taught me to fish, to be responsible, to be independent, he built a new life with his second wife that excluded his children for the most part.  So, I lost him too.  As a result, yes, I chose my own path.  It hasn't been as conventional as my parents would have hoped, but the values they instilled in me haven't failed me yet.  I'm sure they would have preferred that I go to college, have a "normal" married, suburban life, that I'd have avoided the mistakes I made as a young adult, but some of the most valuable lessons I learned were a result of that misspent decade of my 20's. ;)

5. Do you believe love is lasting, or does it fade, give way to comfort and familiarity?   I think that love is lasting and becomes a part of comfort and familiarity.  I think that the initial giddyness and intensity can fade.  But 'true' love is a deep bond that encompasses all that along with complete trust, devotion, affection and acceptance.  I also believe that there are many in this life that are not meant to experience that.

   Well, I made it all the way through my interview, without too much techno-vagary!  Except for the font and size changes between #2 and #3, at least in this little box all the words are showing up in.  I'm gonna be brave and click on the save box.  You all have a wonderful last full day of Summer tomorrow(okay today) and at 5:51am (EDT I think) Fall will officially be here.  Get ready for the hay rides, cider, football, and everything else that accompanies the season.  Thanks for stopping by......


  P.S. It all looks the same no matter which font or size I select!  Dumb old 'puter.  At least it's here though.  :)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

It's time for Thankful Thursday again, already!

  Well, this week has certainly gone by quickly.  It seems like I was just here the other night posting my thankfuls.  Time is moving way too fast right now.  The computer is still acting up, but now I'm not sure if it's my computer or what.  Well, some of it (I know) is the Old Puter.  Today, it would start to open things then freeze up, so I'd back up and try again.  It took me 30 minutes just to sign on.  I'm gonna hurry and get right to my list so that I can get it on here before the next freeze.

I am Thankful For-

1. Fridays.  Not the usual reasons, I do work weekends.  Nope, it's PayDay.  Yay!  It's all pretty well spent on bills, but that's one more weeks worth of bills paid for.  :)

2. Coffee pots that make 12 cups.  I really needed it today.  Course, my cup holds 2(6 oz.) cups.  Now I want to know who decided that 6oz. equals a coffee cup?  I mean REALLY !!!

3. The lovely weather we've been having.  I don't think it's Indian Summer yet, technically it's still summer till 5:51am Sunday morning.  Ya never know with Michigan weather though.  Last year we had a big snow before the middle of October.  Anyway, the weather's been great.

4. Soup.  I know this sounds weird, but there are alot of evenings I just don't feel like cooking, and I really do enjoy soup for dinner(supper?).  Guess what I had tonight!

5. This computer getting me through this entry.  I just don't trust it, but it does seem to be working okay for now.  Maybe I shouldn't push my luck by mentioning this twice!  Ah well. 

 6. Of course, all the basic things of life-family, friends, work, home, books, music, etc.  Always these things. 

    I think I'm going to go read my horoscope for tomorrow.  The forecasts have been kind of more relevant to my life than usual.  I've been thinking about them throughout the day to see where those words of wisdom might fit in.  Sometimes, just in small ways, but I can see how it ties together.  I've been doing some basic reading about the planets and the effects they have in the different houses of the chart.  It's an awful lot to remember, so my book is becoming a jungle of those little flourescent colored post-its, so that I can backtrack to a marked page.  Oh, and I write in my books, too!  In pencil, but I rarely erase.

    I just thought of something to ask you guys.  When I change the sheets on a bed, I put the right sides together.  One of the other aides told me I was doing it wrong!  HUH?  When you fold down the blankets with the right side facing then you see both, and it looks nicer.   When you put them both facing up, you see the back side of the top sheet when you turn down the blankets.  I don't like the way that looks.  I know- this isn't an earth shattering dilemma or anything, but I was just wondering which way you all face the sheets.  Oh, and I don't like the way she folds the towels either!  ;p

    Well, now I think it's really time for me to close this out.  Hope you all have a great Friday.  Thanks for stopping by.....