Monday, September 1, 2008

Well, I'm still callin' it summer!

  Labor Day Weekend is done!  Yay!  But I'm not giving up on summer yet.  I know-summer isn't over till the Equinox on the 22nd.  But the summer season's done, the kids go back to school tomorrow.   And things go back to the quiet normal of the off season.  Yes, the tourists bring a big portion of our economy, but they also bring selfish attitudes, hazardous "city driving" ways, and drop their trash without a second thought.  Okay, enough, I could rant a whole lot about this, but I'm not going to subject you to that. 

  Now, I can go to the beach and relax(more).  There will still be some warm days for swimming, and walking the paths and the beach. Today was in the mid 80's and tomorrow's supposed to be 90 and humid.

  I just love watching the subtle changes from one season to the next, though.  I noticed there are already some of the early maples starting to change color up north of here.  The ferns are starting to die back.  They can't handle the cold nights, and we've already had a couple that were really close to 32 degrees.  Tonight I watched a flock of geese fly over the lake as they start to make their way to their winter homes( I think).  They kind of broke formation and did some air-acrobatics, which was pretty cool.  You can hear them long after you lose sight of them. 

  I haven't watched or read much of the news, but heard that Gustav wasn't as bad as predicted and hit west of New Orleans( I'm relieved).  And now there's another one to worry about, but I don't remember the name or what the path is.  I'll need to catch up with things in the morning.  I don't really watch much TV, the most I see is usually at client's homes, that's where I get my news and weather.  I used to have one on all the time, just for the noise, but now I'd rather have music on. 

  I was thinking of doing one of those "100 things about me" meme's, but first I've got to do it on paper and see if I can think of 100 things.  If I do, I'll post it, then figure out how to get it into the sidebar.  Do I do that like doing the link-thing?   Maybe I should send myself to "computer school" in my help and support windowsand figure out how to use this thing better! 

  Okay, rambling again....

                                               ~Thanks For Stopping By~


krmprm said...

Hey, it's okay to wear white after Labor Day!  And swim.
However,  I know how you feel, Labor Day signals that
fall isn't far away.   Every year, I say I am going to
Christmas shop while it is warm weather and I never
do.   Enjoy the sunshine while we can and store up the
memories to warm by when the snow flies.       Pat

cuteallison1980 said...

I just love reading your take on things, even if it may be something simple.  I can picture those geese flying like you said.  I have never seen a flock like that, just a flock of friggen nasty dirty crows LOL.  Have a happy week.  Luv ya!


lv2trnscrb said...

Labor Day always signifies the end of summer for me; living in Southern California, we don't get the dramatic change of the seasons like we did when we lived in Montana; but the nights do get cooler and the tourists do thin out

neat to read about the changes happening with the approaching fall where you live!

I believe the next hurricane is Hanna and she's going to perhaps hit Florida, but not sure what part

have a good week ahead


mcknansmom said...

we start school so early here, aug 6th, this year. summer to me ends when it is too cool to go swimming...  lol
I wish school didn't start until after Labor day like it used to..
enjoy your quieter time and have a wonderful week,

wildautumn1 said...

I can tell the seasons are changing...leaves starting to fall, school supplies in all the stores, cool nights...have a great week!  Karen

dsonney01 said...

Summer has been a blur for me. I just mentioned that it had come and not been appreciated because I never enjoyed any of it! At least I have established a few new bird friends here at the feeders! Dannelle

dbdacoba said...

Geese are strange beasts.  The geese here fly back and forth in their formations making a lot of noise and end up migrating only over to the island in the midst of the river. They've been doing that for years. Evidently they heard about global warming long before any of us did.

helmswondermom said...

We're starting to see signs of fall here as well, although it's still very warm and humid during the middle of the day.