Thursday, May 29, 2008

Nice People.....

   Something I have waited years and years to do.  We're making plans and reservations to go see Kansas at a music festival in June.  It all started with me coming across a website over the weekend, forgetting to mention it, and then something So nice happened tonight.  I was reading journals and one of my favorite(no, not just because of this entry) bloggers wrote an entry about this-my favorite band in my whole life. Stop by and read his clever and informative journal. 

    Dang it!  I can't get the linky thing to work.  Go to  Paul will take requests for groups or songs and make an entry with all kinds of infomation.   Thanks again, Paul.  He writes about other interesting things, too.

   Anyway, back to what I was saying....this reminded me of the website and concert information that I had intended to mention to Bro(another Kansas fan).  I told him all about it and now we're planning a big weekend trip to this festival and concert.  I am SO excited.  Now all I have to do is call in a HUGE favor from my office manager(who does owe me big) and get that weekend off.  I don't see it being a problem.  We have to schedule our "unavailable days" over a month in advance and it's kind of hard to know what to ask for unless it's something that you know of well in advance.  But I AM GOING! 

   Speaking of work, I'm working 3 midnights in a row, so I'll be alittle scarce this weekend.  After that, as long as everyone shows up where and when they're supposed to, I should have a pretty easy week.  The problem from the yesterday was dealt with, the aide just lied about not knowing she had to be in early, and I told her what I thought of her actions and what it meant to me to have to let the other client down.  She felt pretty bad after that. Good.  I usually don't want to get in other people's faces about things-not worth it-but that incident put a dent in my work integrity.  And honestly-just plain pissed me off.  Now it's behind me.  ::deep breath and life goes on::  :)

   Well, that's about it for now, I just had to share my news as I am so excited about this.  You all have a great weekend.  And as always....

                                   ~Thanks For Stopping By~

p.s. Oh, and I love all the new Moods to pick from, now I'll have a dilemma deciding how I feel!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

And don't forget the turtle...

    Today, which actually started yesterday(in the clock confused world of midnight shifts) had a few bumps in the road that really ticked me off.  Then doing something nice for someone resulted in some amazing sights.  I'm alittle "loopy" as the mood window indicates, so if this doesn't make sense, I'll have to just plead that for me(today) it's the middle of the night in the middle of a gorgeous day.  Huh???  Let me explain the situation.  I'm a day person, have trouble sleeping past daylight in the normal course of things.  Right now though, I'm working some midnight(8pm-8am) shifts that have my sleep cycles all messed up.  Usually after a  midnight shift, I nap a couple hours and then am up for the rest of the day.  Today though, I need to sleep as I have another midnight shift tonight.  But I'm not sleepy, it's a beautiful May afternoon, so here I am with a case of insomnia.  Anyway, back to the story. 

    I worked last night and was supposed to be relieved at 6:30am by the day shifter so that I could go to another client for a 2 hour shift from 7-9am.  This was all arranged, confirmed, and expected.  6:30 comes and no day girl.  6:45 and I'm on the phone to the on-call to find out what happened.  No clue, she can't get the day shifter on her home phone, well no, she's already left so that she can be here by 8am.  ::sigh::  I explained that I was due 15 miles away at 7am and told the on-call that I'd call the client, make apologies, and find out if she wants me to come late(which I know she won't) letting the on-call off the hook from talking to the client when she really has no idea what is going on.  Confused yet?  I am...  I made the call, confirmed that 7-9am wouldn't want me to come, apologized over and over, and called on-call to cancel the shift.  I waited for 8am and the day shift girl arrived on time.  No, she didn't have any clue that she was supposed to be here at 6:30am. (heavy sigh now)   The client(12 hour shift) needed someone to go pick something up for them and didn't know how they were going to arrange it, so I volunteered to go on the errand as the store opened at 8am.  I had nothing else to do, I'd lost my other shift. 

    It's a beautiful, sunny, cool morning.  I'm traveling south on Old-27 and all of a sudden a shadow comes from behind, over the front of the car.  I look up and spy a bald eagle, maybe 25 feet in the air, swoop to my right toward the watershed area and down to find some breakfast.  What a sight!  Not 50 yards past there, I look to my right and see a pair of great blue herons standing in the marsh grasses, maybe looking for their own breakfast.  A mile past there are the osprey nests, up in some treetops, but visible from the road.  A couple of them were occupied, the birds just sitting there watching the world go by.  Okay, time to take a few deep breaths, contemplate the wonders that surround me.  As I pass the duck crossing signs, I think about the sight of mama duck and 6 or 8 little ducklings wadddling across the road, stopping traffic as the more important occupants of the road.  I smile!  I completed my errand and on the way back spotted the osprey, still nesting, the herons still in the same spot, a couple pair of ducks dunking for their breakfast, and there on the side of the road, a sight that should warrant another of those nature crossing signs.  A huge turtle.  That's right, in the gravel on the side of the road, sunning himself, a turtle about 10-12 inches round.  Okay, I get the message!  Drop off the stuff, go home eat breakfast and think about what you've just witnessed-the miracle of life as it goes on around your crappy morning.  ::Sigh of wonder this time::

    So here I am at 3 in the afternoon suffering from the insomnia of a day person working midnight shifts.  I'm going to go try to nap.  Have a wonder-filled afternoon...

                                   ~Thanks For Stopping By~   

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

You Just Never Know

   The crafty thrift shopper strikes again!  In my wanderings between clients, I pass through some area towns.  In one of those towns yesterday, with a little time to kill, I stopped at a thrift store.  No real intentions of buying anything, not looking for anything in particular, I walked in the front door and directly to my right found this adorable little ceramic pig-piggy bank.  Cute, I can see it sitting on my dresser!  Into a basket it goes.  I wandered over to the book section and found an old notebook(the kind that takes half-size pages).  I opened it up and found a cookbook compilation from the Auxiliary to S. M. Heller Memorial Hospital in Napolean, OH.  From 1957.  Before Kinko, this was all hand typed(probably on a manual typewriter), copied and punched.  In pretty good shape for its age.  Only 2 years younger than me!  For a buck, it joined the pig.   I can't wait to discover some old fashioned goodness recipes.                                                                                                     I also found some inspiration!  I've been looking for that just right quilt pattern design to strike, and yesterday, I found it.  There were some gallon storage bags full of quilt squares.  Some are 3", some 6", and one has some larger sized scraps.  They all were $1 and $2, a bargain I couldn't pass up!  My mind is beginning to form the basic design as I write this.  (can you hear the buzzing?)

   On to my next client of the day.  He's a thrift shopper, too.  Hearing my tales of success, he got the bug to go.  So we jumped in the car(well, not exactly jumped) and headed downtown.  Jackpot again!  He found a couple pieces of furniture, I found a new(to me) outfit for work, and of course, a few books to add to my already too large collection, and a book for a friend.  Quite a haul for the day at just $36.  You just never know what you're going to find!

   I'm working some overtime midnight shifts this week.  I'll be putting some away for the canoe marathon weekend in July.  No, I'm not in it, but will be following it.  I'll tell you all about it in a later entry-it's alot of fun.  Then there's a little trip I want to take in August.  More details on that later, too.  I've got to catch some sleep when I can this week, so I'll be saying good night, and.....

                               ~Thanks For Stopping By~ 


Monday, May 19, 2008

Well, Finally!

   It's just been one of those afternoons-

OH, OH!  Red Wings Score-4-0!!!!!

   Sorry, I'm listening to the hockey game.  The Detroit Red Wings could finish this series and move on to the Stanley Cup Finals with a win tonight.  Anyway, like I was saying-it's been one of those afternoons.  I've been trying to do an entry since about 4pm.  Potsey came home with some taco meat and I had to stop and make a taco burger for a late lunch, or early dinner(whatever).  He needed to borrow this to look something up, so.........

   I make another attempt to get a post written, and the landlord comes over.  She's one of those friends that just stop over for a minute and stay 2 hours.  We had a very nice visit and I haven't seen her the last couple times she's been here so.........

   This is my last try for tonight.  If I don't manage this, I'll wait till morning.  Very early, before any interruptions are awake!!  I know that I'll be drifting off to dreamland early tonight as I've only had 3 1/2 hours of sleep since yesterday morning.  I had to work an unexpected midnight shift last night and my regular day shift this morning.  So I'm tired.  I'll have another midnight shift tomorrow night, but a chance to take a nice long nap beforehand in the afternoon. 

    I had a rare pleasure yesterday evening.  I was driving back from my afternoon shift and on the side of the road, not 20 yards away, stood a Bald Eagle.  He was eying a deer that had most likely been hit by a car and tossed of the road.  He was either guarding it till he could figure out how to carry it off or eat the whole thing.  What a beautiful, regal bird, even in scavenger mode.  You don't usually see them so close like that.  More often than not, just in flight, especially over the lakes, fishing.

   Spring is in full forward mode here, although the weather has been colder than usual.  We have some wild blueberries(huckleberries) in the yard that are in bloom, and the ferns are shooting up by inches each day.  Now we just need some warmer weather.  It's going to be a good summer.

   Well, I'm quickly running out of steam, so I'm going to sign off for tonight, and get ready for bed.  Have a wonderful week. 

                                  ~Thanks For Stopping By~


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

This Kid is in a Different Candy Store!

Hi!   This is just a quick entry.  I FINALLY got my wireless connection!  Not with the help of the boys here that are supposed to know what they were doing(but didn't), but through HP Help and Support.  What NICE people they are!!!

   Okay, I've calmed down a little bit.  I am just so excited, though, I couldn't help myself, and there wasn't anyone online or here at home to announce my wonderful news to.  I've tried the wireless connection in the kitchen and in my bedroom, but not outside, as it's been raining today.  It works!!! Yes!!  Now, when I wake up at 5am and want to get online, I don't have to worry about waking anyone up, I can sit right here in my room and just type to my little heart's content.

   Okay, now that I have that out of my system, I've got a few errands to run, so I'll see you later-ANYTIME, ANYWHERE I WANT!  And I promise I won't talk your ear off about this fantastic new toy of mine so much anymore.  You all  have just as nice an evening as I'm going to!  And................

                                ~Thanks For Stopping By~

Oh, and it hs mahjong tile games on it, too.  My Favorite.    Bye!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Learning Curves

    I'm learning new things everyday.  Been a student of this particular course for 4 days now.  Doing okay, fitting time on here(the laptop) around the rest of my life.  But I feel like I'm back in high school, staying up late studying for the big test tomorrow.  During the period where I only  had access at the library, I just didn't have the time to learn much.  So far, I've learned how to create tabs, rip and burn CD's, and when I stumble across the right button, how to edit my playlist.  I still haven't been able to get the wireless router set up, have to get an ethernet cord out of storage(actually that's Potsey's department) from "some box" of things that's kind of buried in the back, but he knows exactly where it is.  The problem with that is that he's in Detroit for the weekend-so I have to wait till Sunday night.  ::sigh:: 

    At least now, I can watch you tubes, videos, and get to all the sites that were blocked at the library.  Yay!!  Oh, and instant messagee with  my Son.  That's worth a double Yay!  He's encouraging me to keep trying different things on here, and telling me that I will get it eventually.  He's talking about digital cameras, sending me music and photos and I  have to keep reminding him that it's going to take me some time, I still have the training wheels on and can't go over the jumps till I at least have a helmet!! 

  I promise that I will eventually get tired of talking about this and get back to some other topics.  Like the raking in the yard, plans for plantings-a few in the ground, but most in pots.  Like visits to the lake and all the fun things I hope to be able to do this summer.  With gas prices the way they are, most have to be fairly close to home, but I think I've discovered something interesting to try.  We were looking at topographical views of the hometown area and found some trails, little lakes, and interesting tree lines and stuff that we'd like to go explore.  I'll have to hit up the DNR for some maps of the state lands and trails around here, so that I don't get lost and end up in some sand pit without cell reception.  Maybe find some new spots to pick blueberries(huckleberryies).   AANNDD..... if I do get a digital camera and learn how to use it and post pictures here, I can show you, too.

    Well, I have to go to the Post office before it closes in 15 minutes, so it's time for me to close out.

                                              ~Thanks For Stopping By~

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

So-I guess you're wondering...

    What exactly was she talking about in that last entry?  The woman has a vague way with words sometimes.   Well, what it means-exactly- is that I "FINALLY" got my laptop!  That's right folks, I got my stimulus rebate check yesterday and headed for Walmart and spent the whole damn thing on a brand new laptop computer.  I conveniently had the whole afternoon and evening off to shop, get it home and set up, to read all the warranties, instructions and get it hooked up to the internet.  That in itself was a challenge.  I bought a wireless router to set up so that I can go back to my bedroom and just type away.  We didn't have enough slots in the modem to set that up, so a splitter is the next purchase along with the discs I need to copy the system recovery stuff.  For now, I'm in the living room when I need to be online. 

    With all the blunders I've made so far, I'm surprised it hasn't just thrown its processor up in the air in frustration at the idiot tapping on the keys.  I will get the hang of this, learn how to do all the things I want to, take it with me whenever and wherever I want, and bring myself stumbling into the 21st century.  Now I face the challenge of living a simple life and toting technology along with me.  It should be a fun and educational experience.  Actually there is some free online education through HP that I want to look into, maybe sign up for, and get myself started.  I know, I'm kinda going on and on about this.  But this is the one thing that I really wanted to do for myself.  Doing for and helping others delayed it longer than I wanted, but my time has come and I am So looking forward to it.

    Okay, I'm closing now and going to get caught up on some journals and do some exploring.  So........

                                ~Thanks For Stopping By~

Please, come on in.....

    Welcome to my new home!  I'm so glad you could join me.  As you can see, it's not finished just yet, still bare in spots.  But with some time, it'll fill in nicely.  It's so nice to finally have a place to put my feet up, take my time-whenever that time may be.  It's been a long 6 months of travel, of having only temporary lodgings with such limits on what I can touch, see, arrange just so, and when and how long I could stay.  But now... Now, I can spend time and visit exactly as I want.  Even in my nightgown with that first cup of Java nectar at my elbow.  I plan on spending a great deal of time here.  This is, after all, something I have waited for, at times not so patiently.  I hope you'll come by and visit often.  As the finishing touches are added, I'm sure I'll grow and change right along with it.  And isn't that what home is?  A sanctuary you feel comfortable enough to say and do what you want, without having to worry about the world's opinion?  A place to truly be yourself. 

    For some, happiness is material possession, for others it's being surrounded by crowds of friends and loved ones.  Happiness for me is finding a place of my own, a place to think and dream, to read and write, to create just for me.  A peaceful aloneness to let my mind wander, or draw up a plan for my next creative project.  To add music, or not, the choice is always only mine.  Here, I can invite others in or spend an afternoon just gazing around at everything there is to see. 

    As we walk back to the entrance after your tour, know that you're welcome to visit, just any time.  And as the door closes, you'll hear...

                                  ~Thanks For Stopping By~

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Yeah, I know...

    It's been over a week since I've been here, been busy with work, sleeping when I wasn't working, finding a computer that works right when I did  manage to snatch some time online, and ::sigh::  you know how it goes sometimes.  I thought I'd just pop in here and say Hi really quick today and catch up.  I managed to find a computer that closes everything down, when you close one window it just closes everything.  So every time I want to change, go to a journal or another all goes.  Then I have to go through signing in all over again.  No one knows what the problem is and this is the only computer that's open, so I'll keep this short and sweet. 

    My 12 hour midnight shifts are here then changed, then changed back again, then shortened and rearranged, along with the shifts that would be conflicting.  ~Huh?~ Things are kind of disorganized right now, and I'm not sure if I'm coming or going.  I'm lucky if I can get through one day without a schedule change.  But.... If no one notices and everyone shows up for work the way they're supposed to, I'll have tomorrow off.  I'm making tenative plans to go out to Kneff Lake and walk around while the guys fish, then go watch the canoe race in Roscommon.  There's one today at noon, too.  Oh, and a bake sale.  I love going to bake sales and getting some cookies or bread that are homemade-by someone else.  And the proceeds go to the Relay for Life in town here-so it's a good cause to spend money on, then I get to eat the goodies. 

    Actually, that's about it for today.  Like I said, short and sweet.  I'll have more time on Monday, so I'll catch up with everyone then.  I'm off to the bake sale ( now this is stuck on italics-go figure) and canoe race, see ya Monday....

                              ~Thanks for Stopping By~